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Experience Red Sea Cruises with Costa Cruises

If you have been on Red Sea Cruises, then you know how exciting and interesting it is to see such an ancient place that was built so many years ago. With so many different cruise lines to choose from, you will find the best cruise tour for your holiday. If you have not been on Costa cruises, it is about time you did. This is because they have recently added a new ship to their fleet and it offers a week cruise to the Red Sea.

red sea egypt tabaThe new ships that offer Red Sea cruises, holds up to 927 passengers with many different cabins and suites to suit everyone’s needs and preferences. On board the ship, you will find four bards, 3 restaurants, a gym, sauna, swimming pool, a theater, disco, shopping centre and even a club that children can join and have fun. With this new ship, there will not only be great amenities but also new itineraries to people who want to visit the Red Sea.

If you want longer trips, Costa cruises also offer you exactly that. The first cruise that it went on was in November 2011 for 15 nights and the second was a weeklong trip to the Red Sea and other surrounding areas such as Egypt, Jordon and Israel. You will be able to enjoy on the ship while you sail down the Nile and canals with the amenities offered and once you reach the ports, you will be able to see all the places of history close up. This is what makes the whole trip exciting and interesting.

With a new ship added to the Costa Cruises fleet, you will be able to experience a new holiday like never before. So why not go on Red Sea Cruises on Costa’s new ship and have fun with your friends and family.

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