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Rhodes Island Vacation

Rhodes island has a flamboyant nightlife, iconic landmarks, beautiful beaches, and great water sports.

Rhodes Greece: The island of the Sun and the Knights

Located in the southeastern Mediterranean Sea, sits this majestic island of Rhodes. It is the largest of the all the Dodecanese islands (Island complex comprising of 12 islands). This intriguing island was conquered by the Hospitaller in 1309 and is often referred to as the island of Knights. The island has a lot to thanks the knights for. Rhodes island is one of the few Greek islands that was built based on the European medieval idea, the remains of which still inspires awe in the visitors. The most famous palace that is still open to the public is the Palace of the Grand Master situated in the old city of Rhodes. It is a place you must visit

The island of the sun: The ancient Greeks dedicated this island to the god of the sun. It is not surprising as this island receives the maximum sunlight compared to any other in the Aegean island. The feel of the sunlight in the island of Rhodes is an experience in itself. It is bright yet welcoming. In this island you can enjoy the sun for almost 300 days! This subtropical climate can also guarantee that on your holiday you get a good tan.

Rhodes island is one of the most visited islands in Greece. It is also famous for its cosmopolitan lifestyle

Attractions in the Island of Rhodes

  • We cannot talk about an island and not talk about its beach. There are many islands and each of them is wonderful. In short, the Rhode Island beaches are just unbelievable. Based on your taste, you can enjoy a quite beach or a cosmopolitan one. You have the option to choose from the golden sand beaches, pebble beaches, private and small beaches, or the vibrant ones with many people.
  • Nightlife: Faliraki, Lindos, and the City of the Rhodes are the places where you can enjoy the nightlife to the fullest. There are nightclubs, piano restaurants, modern and romantic bars where you can enjoy the Greek music. You can also visit the casino that is run from the Grand Hotel. Some popular clubs are Amazone, La Scala, Alaloum and some of the vibrant bars are the Roloi, Allegria, Blue Lagoon, and Sticky fingers. These are just some of the many great places where you can live the Rhodian nightlife.
  • The Colossus of Rhodes Island: It was built to honor the victory of the Rhodians over the Antagonids . Unfortunately, an earthquake pulled the Colossus down. This place is in the history now as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.
  • Rhodes Island Markets: The most popular ones are found in the Paved alleys and Old Town. Jewelries of classic gold, silver, and leather goods are available in large number. Ancient statues, vases, tiles, carpets, furniture, etc. can be found in the Old Town. The local honey is among the best and you should taste it. Apart from these, there are clothes, souvenir shops from where you can buy Greek products.
  • Popular structures like monasteries and churches are also found in large number. Some of these are the Paramythia Monastery, Ipseni Monastery, Kalopetra Monastery, Katholiki church, Agios Soulas Church, Filerimos Church, etc.
  • Sports: A large number of actibities are available for the sports and the adventurre lovers. It is a paradise for kite surfing, water skiing, windsurfing, jet skiing, snorkeling, fishing, and diving. Golf, cycling, horse riding, extreme sports, bowling, camping, trekking, etc. are some of the other activities you can get involved in.

Rhodes island has something for everyone and this is why it is a popular destination for vacationers.

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