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Royal Caribbean Mediterranean Cruise

You’ve always dreamed of seeing Europe or visiting the exotic areas of the Mediterranean, yet you don’t know where to go, where to stay or what to do. The answer is simple - take a Royal Caribbean Mediterranean cruise and all you have to do is remember to bring your camera and binoculars.

Visit distant countries and unfamiliar cultures in the Mediterranean with Royal Caribbean

There are numerous cruise lines to choose from when deciding to take a cruise. Royal Caribbean Mediterranean cruises offer you many options that are irresistible. You can choose to take a Classic Mediterranean Cruise, an Egypt and Easter Mediterranean, the Best of Europe Cruise or a number of others. In the Mediterranean you can visit several different places in a short period of time.

From April to November when the weather is most enjoyable you can enjoy your Mediterranean cruise upon the Voyager Of The Seas, Splendour of the Seas or Navigator of the Seas as they visits some of the major port cities located on the northern shores of the Mediterranean Sea. From Spain, France, Italy, Monaco, Greece, Turkey to the islands of Malta, Crete and Sicily. Some Royal Caribbean Mediterranean cruises such as Brilliance of the Seas have itineraries that include Morocco, the Canary Islands and Egypt in their ports of call.

Sail back in time as a Royal Caribbean Mediterranean cruise takes you to Greece where you stop in Santorini and then onto Athens where you can plan a visit to the Acropolis. Once there you will find the Parthenon, the largest building in the Acropolis and one of the most breathtaking sights in the world. It was built as a temple to Athena and to this day remains a most extraordinary structure.

Royal Caribbean Mediterranean cruises also visit Morocco where you can stroll along the colorful streets of the old city and check out local shops, travel to the countryside and go horseback-riding or head out to the Sahara Desert on the back of a camel.

A Mediterranean cruise offers diversity from the standard vacation, no matter what your likes and dislikes; there is something of interest for everyone, a gateway to history, culture and scenic treasures. Go shopping in the markets or bazaars, spend the day on the beach, visit the museums and enjoy the sites or just relax in the warmth and beauty of the coastline and countryside. You will experience many cultural differences while traveling on a Royal Caribbean Mediterranean cruise.

Cruise by night and visit wonderful exotic cities by day.
There is no need to worry about travel arrangements so you can see more of Europe and the Mediterranean countries. With a Royal Caribbean Mediterranean cruise, every morning when you wake up you will find yourself in a new exotic location.

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