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Santorini Cruises help you enjoy the unparallel beauty of one of Greek islands most famous tourist attractions

Set regally in the blue Aegean with its domed-rooftops settled on houses washed white with paint and the exquisite sunset-painted sky, Santorini will fire up the thrill of your Mediterranean cruise. And not to forget, its volcanic history will add a zest to your trip as well!

Santorini cruises will take you to an island that is laden with black, white, and golden sandy beaches, large and small pieces of volcanic stones, luscious vegetation covered mountains, incredible view of the vast caldera, picturesque villages, churches, museums, and enticing ancient architecture.

Santorini island has been drawing visitors and scientists alike for years now with its history of devastation caused by volcanoes along with its loveliness and legends. Apart from its enchanting beauty, the island is mostly popular for the mass of volcanic eruptions it was exposed to in the past and whose effect can still be seen. When travelers visit the island they see hordes of scientists studying the volcanic soil and gathering information about those past and ferocious volcanic commotions. Tourists are also seen in huge number visiting this island of inexplicable beauty. Ironically, its devastation gives this place an ethereal beauty that mesmerizes the visitors.

When Santorini cruises halt at the island, the travelers are given a guided tour of the island. The popular beaches of this exotic island are the Red Beach, Kamari, and the Perissa. For shopping you can go to Capital Fira and for a taste of the past visit the archaeological museum to learn about the ancient ruins of the Thera and the Akrotiri.

The beautiful villages of Pyrgos and Firostefani boasts of the typical blue-doomed churches.
The volcanic sites also have hot springs that draw many tourists to enjoy a natural hot bath.

The island is also popular as the subject of speculation that it may have been the location of the Atlantis, the civilization that was completely lost. Debate is still on along with the search of the archaeologists and geologist to determine if the speculation is true.

Things you get to do on Santorini cruises

The volcano is known as the Caldera and visitors take Santorini cruises to visit the Caldera Bay, a unique volcanic formations. Based on a half day, full day, or any duration of the cruise that you choose, you can do the following things in Santorini island:
  • Enjoy a BBQ on board. With Santorini cruises you can sail around the picturesque island, visit the caldera bay, hot springs, private bays and beaches.
  • On a full day Caldera cruise you can step onto the crater of active volcanoes, swim in the water off Palea Kameni, sail in the magnificent Aegean Sea, or watch the enthralling Greek sunset.
  • On afternoon Santorini cruises, you can swim off the coast of the Lovers Beach, enjoy the view of the red cliffs engulfing the Red Beach, or watch the crystal-clear water of the White Beach.

Santorini cruises have innumerable options to help you enjoy the beauty and history of this lovely island and make your travel a worthwhile experience.

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