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Ferry to Santorini and enjoy one of the best holidays of your life

The geological grandeur of Santorini, its past glory, and its breathtaking beauty makes it one of the most exquisite of the Cyclades (Greek island group) in the Aegean. The white-doomed houses holding themselves high on the edge of the cliff of the calderas, which was formed by the volcanic explosion way back in 1500 B.C. gives you a peek into the indescribable view of the coal-colored isles, Kamenes in the middle. Some of Greece's most spectacular islands are also found in the Santoniri Island like the dark pebble sand beach, the black sand beach and many more.

Therefore, a visit to this island with Santorini ferries will not only give you a treat of these beautiful sights but it is also the place where the archeological sites at Akrotiri, the prehistoric city, and the ruins of the ancient Thera, Messa Vouno are found. The volcano had destroyed thriving and powerful civilization, the Akrotiri, which was uncovered in 1967 by archaeologists. This city has been still preserved and even today you can walk down the ancient streets and enjoy the houses decorated with frescoes paintings conceived 3,500 years.

A ferry to Santorini is the best way to travel to this magnificent island. There are many ports where the Santorini ferries arrive and depart on a daily basis. In Santorini you will also find ferries to travel to the Greek Islands.

Ferry to Santorini is a very relaxing and inexpensive way to visit the island. The ferry boats generally have restaurants, snack bars, and comfortable seating arrangements. And if you would prefer to rest during the trip, there are some Santorini ferries that also have cabins. The modern Santorini ferries are more equipped to make the journey enjoyable with movie and TV entertainment, great food, and very comfortable chairs.

Santorini Ferries

As Santorini is a very popular island, there are many ferry connections available, especially during the summers. The typical ferry or boat journey is from Pirareus to Santorini. With a classical ferry from Piraeus, which is the main port of Athens, you can reach Santorini in about 9 hours. The time will differ with other ferries like the hydrofoil. From Santorini itself there are many ferries traveling to the fellow islands in the Cyclades as well as to the mainland Greece and Crete.
Santorini ferries run daily from Piraeus, Rafina, and Lavrio to Santorini. These ferry trips takes eight to ten hours to reach Santorini depending on the number of stops.

Getting around with ferries are safe, cheap, and fun. There are two types of ferries namely the speedboats (hydrofoils) and the ordinary ones. The speedboats are comparatively expensive than the ordinary ferries. The tickets for the ferries can be bought form the travel agencies in the local port.
Some of the ferry services available are the:
  • Hellenic Seaways ferries
  • Blue Star Ferries
  • Aegean Speed lines
  • Seajets

If you have time in your hand, ferries are an excellent choice for island hopping and making the most of the vacation.

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