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Sea Dream Yacht Club: Sail in luxury and enjoy it at your own pace

The SeaDream Yacht Club experience can be expressed as sophisticated yet casual and luxurious yet unpretentious. The exceptional service, sumptuous cuisine, and a great cruising experience sets it apart from many other cruise ships. This ship offers more in terms of all-inclusive fare where beverages including cocktails, activities like DVDs for cabin viewing, equipment at the water sports platform, and gratuities are included in the fare.

Sea Dream Yacht Club emphasizes that it's all about yachting and not cruising, thereby giving you the freedom to engage your time at your own pace instead of being forced to follow a rigid activity schedule.

The ship accommodates a total of 112 guests and has 95 crews, which makes it clear that you will definitely be pampered as the crew has less people to concentrate on. Therefore, there are no queues, no crowds, no schedules, no clocks to keep you on your toes. Rather you can give your toes the much needed rest and enjoy yachting with SeaDream Yacht Club.

Sea Dream Yacht Club has two ships namely SeaDream I and SeaDream II and offers you a seven-day Mediterranean and Caribbean vacation out in the sea. Sea Dream Yacht Club's twin ship call at smaller yacht ports that are not allowed for larger ships.

What's so Special about SeaDream Yacht Club?

Here are some of the features that will answer why Sea Dream Yacht Club is so special.

Do you want to experience sleeping under the stars? Sea Dream Yacht Club makes it a reality by giving the option of setting up a reservation to sleep under the stars. On your night with the stars, you will have a wonderful bed with crisp linens and pajamas with your initial ready for you to sleep in.

How about dining outdoors on some evenings? Although many ships offer this feature, SeaDream Yacht Club's ships can actually fit the entire ship in the outdoor, if needed. The memory of the experience of dining outdoors off the coast of a quaint village will linger on for life.

Love water sports? These two ships will give you more of it. The water toys include kayaks, wave runners, Zodiac and Sunfish, snorkel gear, etc.

Another advantage of yachting on Sea Dream Yacht Club's twin ships is that they are stylishly small and can get into ports unreachable by cruise ships. This allows you to enjoy many perfect locations like uncrowded beaches, heavenly coves, and perfect harbors. If you prefer to sail between November and April, you will get to feast on the Caribbean and if it's a time between May and November, SeaDream Yacht Club's twin ship will take you to the magnificent Mediterranean. Most of the voyages carried out by SeaDream concentrate on late night stays in ports allowing you the opportunity to enjoy the nightlife in these locations.

Although the ship is small, the amenities have not been compromised on. You have spa, saloon, casino, library, large pool, exercise room, piano bar, Jacuzzi boutique, 30 course golf simulator, and many other amenities.

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