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The beginning of Silversea Cruises

Silversea was established in 1994 amidst doubt and speculation because people doubted how a niche company could succeed in a mass-market business. Silversea is actually a cruise line that operates a fleet of four ships namely Silver Cloud, Silver Wind, Silver Shadow, and Silver Whisper. In 2008 Silversea spread its wings into the luxury cruise market by purchasing a pre-owned expedition ship, upgrading it into a model of immense luxury and comfort and named it Prince Albert. This ship is as much a Silversea as its sister ships because it offers the same spacious cabins, inclusive price plan, and impeccable high-quality service. In 2009 Silversea launched the Silver Spirit which only has suits.

Onboard the Silversea cruises

Silversea cruises provide lecturers on all ships sharing important information about the culture and history of the destination they will be visiting. If you have been nurturing the desire to try some putts or play a game of bridge but didn't know how to start, these ships have a golf pro and bridge instructor who can help you learn the game. Spa, library, and a fitness center is also available on every ship.

Dining: Meals are served in the main dining room in between 7:30 and 8:30 pm. The La Terrazza and Le Champagne are the other evening dinings available at 7:45 pm and between 7:30 and 9 p.m. respectively.

Passengers: A majority of the passengers are affluent and are educated. As a small, luxury cruise ship, it generally attracts people who are older than those found in mainstream cruise ships.

Silversea cruises offer a lot of space as is evident in the wine bar, cigar bar, spa, and a computer center along with a bigger show lounge.

Routes or ports: Silversea cruises cover the South America, Asia, Caribbean, the Panama Canal, Africa, Mediterranean, North Cape, Antarctica, and the Artic.

One of the key selling points of Silversea cruises is that the cruise line repeats very few itineraries, thereby making it easier to avoid the same ports every year during the course of the travel, and is especially beneficial for people who sail often.

Why are Silversea Cruises popular?

For cruises around the world, Silversea cruises are preferred by many travelers because of it's fleet of modern vessels and despite not being large, the amenities provided are at par with the bigger vessels. Because of the size of their fleet of ships, Silversea cruises are able to visit more ports as compared to larger vesssels. And for the travelers this comes as a boon as they get to visit more ports than the other larger ships can take them to.

As for keeping the passengers engaged and entertained, Silversea cruises plan out the day and night activities on a daily basis. You can perform activities with your family that will enhance your creative side, or you can learn about the history and culture of a region. In addition, you can also enjoy complementary cocktails and swing your arm or tap your feet to the live music of a band.

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