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Swan Hellenic: perfect Cruise ship for vacationers who want serious traveling

The British Cruise Line, Swan Hellenic, resumed cruising in 2008, and is the ultimate choice for travelers who have a thirst for visiting places of cultural and historical significance. For 50 years this cruise line has been contributing immensely to discovery cruising and satisfying travelers who have the unquenchable urge to discover and visit places that tell tales of the ancient years and show culturally-rich places. The cultural travel with Swan Hellenic will take you to off-track destinations not explored by many.

The cruise fare includes the shore excursion, a must activity for discovery cruising, and you will be accompanied by knowledgeable and experienced staff of the cruise ship. Swan Hellenic helps people of same interest come together and tickle each other's interest in culturally-rich foreign lands, contemplate about the ancient mysteries, and soak the beauty of virgin and unknown land and water. The experience is made even more rewarding by the presence and contribution of renowned guest speakers.

Apart from having animated conversations and discussions with other travelers and your friends, you can also engage in day time creative activities like attending singing, painting, or writing workshops, joining a tai chi or yoga class, or burying yourself underneath reference books from the library. In the evening classical concerts, fine dining, after dinner talks, and even at times onshore entertainments keeps your relaxed and charged up for the next destination.

Traveling in your floating country-house hotel--Minerva--in comfort adds value to your trip apart from getting valuable information from tailor-made cruise books and supporting documents. The uniqueness with which Swan Hellenic help the travelers discover places has earned her many accolades like the Guardian Observer Guardian Unlimited award for Best Cruise Line 2007.

The places you will travel to with Swan Hellenic are:

Northern Waters--Scandinavia, Britain, Iceland, Norwegian Fjords, Faroe Islands, Russia, and The Baltic.

East: Middle East, Red Sea, India, Far East, and Southeast Asia.

Mediterranean: Italy, Iberia, Sicily, The Aegean, Ukraine, The Adriatic, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, North Africa, Greece, Jordon and many more.

The Swan Hellenic experience

Swan Hellenic offers exotic destinations and is one of the leading cruise enrichment options.


The public rooms have a main lounge for musical entertainment and animated talks, a smoking room, two lounge bars, a card room, and the all important library. Creative and learned people also need to relax and take care of themselves; this is why the Minerva offers swimming pool, a small gym, hair salon with spa facilities, and a boutique.

Minerva offers a dining room and a café with open seating. The main restaurant offers both the buffet and menu items, but dinner is only served from a menu. A little swoosh of elegance is required onboard and hence jackets, ties and maybe cocktail dresses are needed at dinner.

Most of the passengers on board happen to be British in the age group of 55 and above with sometimes a small portion of North Americans merging with the crowd. Swan Hellenic has a high repeat-traveler rate with many travelers coming for more of this enriching cruise experience.

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