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The Trabzon Turkey Story: Its significance

If you want to know the name of the largest and most important port in the Black Sea, the answer is Trabzon, Turkey. Previously known as the Trebizond, Trebzon is a city on the coast of Black Sea in Turkey. It lies on the northeastern part of the country and is the point from where the Iranian transits start. The best time to cruise on Trabzon, Turkey is said to be between February to December. The city was said to be founded in the eight century B.C. by the Miletus colonists. In 1204 Trabzon became the capital city of Pontus State. In 1471 Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered Trabzon. Because of its exposure and invasion, Trabzon today showcases architectural works of the Comnenian, Ottoman , and the Byzantine periods.

The Places of interest in Trabzon, Turkey

One of the significant and striking architectural marvels seen in Trabzon is the Ayasofya Museum or Saint Sophia Museum. This church that is used now as a museum is a marvel of the 13th century. The last of what was left from the Seljuks adorn the entrance of the museum; a range of frescoes were used to decorate the inner segments of the museums.

The mosque of Gulbahar Hatun is another example of the beautiful architecture of its time. In fact, this is the city's most striking mosque. However, a visit to the 16th century Iskender Pasha and the Hatip Mosques are also worth a visit. Trabzon has retained its old streets making the city more appealing. If you want to see historical houses, they are strewn on the alleyway. The Girls' Monastery also called the KIzlar Manastiri was built in the 14th century, and is another place the visitors frequently visit.

Near Macka in the south of Trabzon, you will come across the towering Sumela Monastery in the Altindere National Park. It is said that the crowning of Comnene King Alexis III took place in this monastry. The monastry has rooms for priests, a library, chapel, church, kitchen, and a sacred water spring. The Irene Tower is another popular attraction.

The natural beauty of Trabzon, Turkey is also reflected in the beautiful high plateaus like the Solma, Hidirnebi, Erikbeli, Kadirga, and the Kirazli. Kadirga also celebrates the Kadirga festival during the spring of each year. For a treat of delicious food, you must visit the village mountain of Hamsikoy. This village is also famous for its natural beauty.

The wonders of structures and architectural spectacles do not end here. Significant structure in Hamsikoy on the south boasts of the longest highway tunnel known as the Zigana Tunnel.

For ski lovers, a visit to the Zigana Mountain will help you enjoy this sport. The Zigana Ski Center is situated on the upper end of the tunnel and has impressive up to date facility.

Trazbon, Turkey is also well known for its silver market and you will find interwoven silver and gold bracelets in abundance here.

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