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How to get cruise travel insurance?

Just because cruises are one of the safest modes of traveling while having fun, it should not deter you from buying a travel insurance. May travelers get so diverted by the prospect of visiting great sites, experiencing the beauty of the ocean, and the fun activities on and off board that the word insurance fails to ring a bell. But this is no excuse for not purchasing a travel insurance because this will protect you in case any unthinkable or unforeseen incidents happen. The things you will have to keep in mind are:

  • First get the information on all port of call and the destinations your cruise will sail to before getting your insurance.
  • If you are planning to take several cruises over the next few years, it is better to take permanent travel insurance. Although temporary policies may seem inexpensive, but the lapse of service between policies may surprise you.
  • Get the best quote for travel insurance by mentioning the exact duration of your trip.
  • Look for a coverage that covers hotel accommodation and travel disruption, if technical difficulties arise.
  • Also talk to your insurance provider about local medical assistance providers covered by your insurance.
  • Look for insurers that have connections. Your insurance providers should give you access to health facilities, translators, and customer service centers no matter in which part of the world you are cruising.

Is a travel insurance a good idea?

A cruise insurance is just another name for travel insurance and will protect you in case of any untoward incidents. Such an insurance will reimburse your money if your trip gets disturbed because of factors like death in family, medical emergencies, flight delays, etc. Some companies are also offering job loss as an insurance policy. So when you go on a cruise, you will have peace of mind to know that you are protected, if anything not favorable to your travel happens


You can purchase a travel insurance when your book your trip from your cruise line. You can also purchase it from a third party or travel agency.


The cost of the insurance depends on the age of the traveler and the cost of the trip.


Many cruise insurance cover trip interruptions, trip delays, trip cancellations, and medical emergency needs that also encompasses evacuation of the ship, and stolen or lost luggage.

Medical assistance

These third party insurance providers also provide the tourists with primary medical coverage. The good thing about this is that the insurance company directly pays the traveler for medical claims. Travelers need to file the claim through their own provider as most of the cruise insurance policies are secondary providers. Once the primary insurance company settles the claim, the secondary provider will make the payment to the traveler.

While processing claims the insurance company uses a system called "cruise credit." So if a traveler needs to cancel the trip or cut short a trip for any of the reasons listed in the insurance policy, the cruise line offers the traveler credits which he or she can use for future cruises.

Travel Insurance

The primary types of travel insurance are available: trip cancellation, medical and lost luggage. Trip cancellation travel insurance, which is most recommended is a good idea since you have paid a large portion of your vacation expenses up front and what that investment protected. It typically costs 6-8% of the total value of your cruise vacation.

Medical insurance and lost luggage insurance do not make sense for most travelers since your existing health insurance should cover you if you get sick on cruise vacation, and your homeowner’s insurance should cover stolen luggage if you have off-premises theft protection. Check your existing policies before you buy additional coverage and do not buy more travel insurance than you need.

If you only need trip-cancellation insurance do not buy coverage for lost or stolen property. Also keep in mind the airlines are responsible up to $2,500 on domestic flights and $640 on international flights if they loose your luggage. If you plan to carry anything more valuable than that, keep it in your carry-on bag.
Among reputable issuers of travel insurances visit these sites: and


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