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Tripoli, Libya: Surely one of the places to visit

Tripoli, also known as Western Tripoli, so that it is not confused with Tripoli, Lebanon, is the capital and largest city of Libya. In the 7th century, the Phoenicians discovered the city and named it Oea. Because of the long lineage in history, the city has many significant archaeological sites. The city has the characteristic Mediterranean climate with modest rainfall, dry, hot summers, and cool winters.

Attractions that draw visitors to Tripoli

The sightseeing attractions in Tripoli, Libya include the historical sites, museums, and other attractions. Apart form being the capital of Libya, Tripoli is also the largest commercial area in the country. Because of its excellent and scenic attractions, tourists are drawn to this northwestern part of Libya year after year.

One of the major attractions is the Jamahiriya Museum. Apart from its rich display, its intriguing factor is that it is located inside a beautiful palace. Rock and cave paintings are some of the items in display. Apart form these, artifacts from Sabratha and Leptis are also showcased here. Marble Roman statues are another attraction in the museum and the most popular statues are the beautiful statue of a boy with a lyre and the statue of Aphrodite. Added to these displays are the brass and copper artifacts and the ancient musical instruments. Visiting this museum is like a walk down the different eras of history and enjoying the beauty of the art and culture of the ancient times.

The palace that never fails to attract tourists in Tripoli, Libya is the Assai al-Hamra or the Red Castle. Also called the Tripoli Castle, the Red Castle was built during the early Roman period and has a waterfront near to it. The water on one side of the palace gives it a wondrous look and was used as the residence of the rulers of Tripoli. Typical of Tripoli, this palace also houses some city museums.

In 163 AD, the Arch of Marcus Aurelius was built to honor Marcus Aurelius. This is one of the ancient monuments of Libya.

The As-Saha al-Kradrah or the Green Square is a frequently-visited spot where you will come across many museums and historical sites. This area is located near the waterfront and is shaded by numerous palm trees.

Gurgi and the Karamanli are the famous mosques of this place. These mosques have stunning tile work and elaborate decorations. These depict the artistic skills of the local craftsmen. From the Gurgi mosque you can directly move out and be greeted by the Arch of Marcus Aurelius, which lies nearby.

The Karamani mosque can contest for one of the splendid mosques in Tripoli, Libya. The center of the mosque has a 25-doomed roof and is built over a sanctuary with beautiful stucco. This mosque boasts of some of the most elaborate woodwork in the whole country. The Gurgi mosque, on the other hand, is mostly famous for its beautiful floral decorations and is distinguished by its octagonal minaret.

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