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Where is the Tyrrhenian Sea?

As a slice of the Mediterranean Sea, on the western coast of Italy you will find the Tyrrhenian Sea nestled snugly amidst its surroundings. Beautiful ports and landscapes surround this grand Sea like the Isle of Elba on the north, Sicily on the south, and the beautiful islands of Corsica and Sardinia in the west. Its eastern edge is flaunted by the Italian coast. The distance of the sea between Palermo and Elba is 355 mi or 571 km and between Naples and Sardinia is 246 miles or 395 km. The sea's maximum depth is said be at 3,620 meters or 11,876 ft.

The other small but popular islands that the Tyrrhenian Sea graces include the active volcano of Stomboli, along with the Elba, Capri, and Ustica. The popular ports of the Tyrrhenian Sea are Naples, Corsica, Sardinia, Cartagena, Ajaccio, Civitavecchia in Rome, and Sicily.

Experience the Tyrrhenian Sea Cruise

The Tyrrhenian Sea is a popular Mediterranean cruise destination and has a volcanic sea floor. Because of this reason, the active volcanoes like the Mount Marsili are located in the deepness of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The cliffs that rises on top of the Tyrrhenian Sea are said to be the source of the winds namely Libeccio, Ostro, Mistral, and Scirocco.

There are a number of reasons as to why the Tyrrhenian cruises are so popular

First it is the location of the Sea. Being located in the Mediterranean Sea gives it a huge cruise advantage. As this sea contains cities and island rich in historical and cultural significance, tourists enjoy this cruise on the Tyrrhenian Sea as a rich historical getaway. As the sea is surrounded by land on every side, waves from large water bodies like the threatening Atlantic Ocean cannot reach it. This is why it is such a great place for boating and yachting.

Although most of the Mediterranean cruises include more locations in the itinerary, Tyrrhenian Sea cruises are restricted to only the Italian coast. But the advantage is that you get additional time to bask and soak in the history and beauty of the sites. In contrast to the Mediterranean cruises, a Tyrrhenian Sea cruise concentrates on the traditions, culture, and history of the places rather than the beaches.

Among the many places to visit in the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Major ports of attractions includes the ports of Italy like Sardinia and Sicily.

The island of Sicily

The biggest art museum, galleria Regionale in Palermo is a major attraction in Sicily. Eleanor of Aragon's bust is one of the many interesting displays in this museum. Another significant presence of the history is the Monreale Cathedral. This cathedral displays a mishmash of Norman, Arab, and Byzantine style design making it a view of splendor.
The Island of Sardinia
Sardinia is considered to be among the most ancient lands in Europe. There is a UNESCO protected World Heritage archaeological site on the island known as the Su Naraxi because of its ancient nuraghe structures - shortened stone towers resembling bee hives. The natural attractions in the island, which it boasts of are the Porto Giunco in Villasimius and the Gorropu Canyon in Supramonte.

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