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Vacationing in Valletta Malta

Valletta, Malta's capital is a world heritage site and is situated on the central-eastern side of the Island of Malta. This place is an ideal holiday destination for people with varied taste because whether it is culture, music, history, or simply the beaches that you like, Valletta can give that to you. It is also a very affordable city.

Similar to Rhodes where you can walk the cobblestone streets and the narrow alleys which are immersed in the fragrance of history, Valletta also has its own unique charm, which can be a little uncanny at times but definitely a wonderful experience.

Valletta Malta Attractions

Valletta is popular because of the well-preserved history that walks the streets, aisles, monuments, and gives this place such an endearing quality.

Valletta's history is closely associated with the knights of Malta. This order was later expelled from Rhodes in 1522 and had Malta given to them in 1530 by Charles V of Spain.

In 1565, they were attacked by the army of the Ottoman, Suleiman but were not defeated. But the carnage was still severe and cities were destroyed leading to the making of a new city--Valletta.


There are many hotels in Valetta with some good bargains for the Grand Harbor. If you are interested in cheap accommodation, you will find it for say 11 euros, but these hotels may not be close to the town.

Other luxurious 4 star hotel are also available at rates starting from 48 euros while 5 star hotels can charge 63 euros. If you want to spend your night surrounded by history, the palaces built by the knights are available at 44 euros.

Places to visit

Valletta was declared a World Heritage site for a reason. The city is immersed in Baroque style with a sneak view of neo-classical touch in some areas. The original palaces of the city are now used as government buildings, museums, and shops--the Magisterial Palace of the Grandmaster is where the parliament holds its sessions now. Also, the Auberge de Castille is the residence now of the Prime Minister of Malta. One place that has not been taken over by the government or a commercial entity is the residence of Casa Rocca Piccola, that is still under the ownership of the noble family.

St. John's Co-Cathedral, and St. Paul's Anglican CathedralIn Fort Saint Elmo, the Malta War Museum is another place where tourists flock to see remnants of history beginning from 1800 and also includes items of World War II.

Churches are also another attraction in Valletta, Malta because of their intricate decoration. The popular ones are the St.Francis of Assisi Church, St. John's Co-Cathedral, and St. Paul's Anglican Cathedral.

Apart from these the National Museum of Archaeology, Manoel Theatre Museum, St. John's Museum and Cathedral, St. Anne Square Garden are other sights to see.

Apart from the sightseeing, a walk on the beach and a relaxing massage in one of the wellness spas that adorn the hotels will make your stay more wonderful.

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