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Learn about Voyages to Antiquity

Voyages to Antiquity was launched in 2010 and targets vacationers in the U.S., U.K., Australia, and Canada. This one ship line takes passengers on an Aegean Odyssey in the Mediterranean. The primary focus of this ship is to provide a lot of onboard talks to educate the passengers about the historical and cultural backgrounds of the places they will be visiting. The highlight of the cruise are the shore excursions--the tour of the 1000 year old mosques in Palermo, and the two-day excursion of the well-preserved but not frequently visited Roman ruins of Leptis Magna are what the passengers of Voyages to Antiquity look for. Travelers who opt for those ships look for these types of vacation activities rather than bathing in the cruise ship's luxury.

Voyages to Antiquity has a balanced ambience which is neither too dressy nor is it shoddy.

Amenities and activities onboard the Voyages to Antiquity

Voyages to Antiquity emphasizes on learning about the destinations all through the cruise, and this is why guest lecturers play a significant role when traveling by this ship. The guests providing daily lectures also include the British University Professors, chefs, historians, and even ambassadors.

Casinos are not the way to be entertained on these types of ships. Instead, you have access to many enrichment classes onboard that will keep you occupied. The price of the cruise includes the excursions along with the wine during dinner. Facilities available onboard include the Marco Polo -- an open-seating dinning room -- al fresco dining, a small spa area, and a bar area that also holds musical performances. The Terrace Café and Grill serves the afternoon tea while during the late afternoon cocktail hours hors d'oeuvres are served which is again served after dinner in the Charleston Lounge.

The size of the cabins range from the 130 sq. feet to 550 sq. All in all there are 16 single cabins.

Passengers: The curious, intellectual, and educated people are more attracted to Voyages to Antiquity because of its educational focus. These cruises target people in the U.S., U.K, Canada, and Australia.

Destinations: Voyages to Antiquity covers Athens, Venice, Rome, Cairo, and Istanbul. Apart from the Mediterranean, Aegean, and Adriatic destination, the Red and Baltic Sea are also covered. The duration of the cruise lasts for 10 to 16 nights.

Features of Voyages to Antiquity

  • Precisely planned itineraries
  • Sightseeing and excursions are part of the tour and passengers do not need to pay extra.
  • Experienced team of guest speakers
  • Includes pre/ or post hotel stays in Athens, Rome, and Istanbul.
  • Choice of restaurant to have your meal.
  • Evening meals come with complementary choice of beer, wine, or soft drinks.

Advantage of sailing in a small ship like Voyages to Antiquity is that the ships take you to less-visited and less-crowded places. If you dislike traveling with many people or with a crowd of people, Voyages to Antiquity is ideal for you because the maximum capacity is 350.

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