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Weather in Barcelona, Spain – A year round summary

The weather in Barcelona is akin to the city itself, extremely agreeable and tourist friendly. It also has the merit of being completely reliable – follow the daily forecast and you will never be stranded away from home without an umbrella or a coat when you need them.
Barcelona enjoys typical Mediterranean climate, tempered by its proximity to the sea. The weather remains pleasant most of the year, moderated by warm and cool sea breezes depending on the time of the year. The result is bright, sunny summers and fairly gentle winters, both inviting you to step outdoors and explore the treasures of the city.

The city sees all four seasons and they are clearly delineated. Winters range from November to February, with the coolest month being January. The average temperature for these months is 11°C/52°F with frequent rain showers included, so don’t forget to pack an umbrella along with those woolies. The good news is that Barcelona winters are not celebrated for their severity and have rarely been known to hit 0°C/32°F.

Spring arrives in March and marks the start to the tourist season. It brings with it some of the best weather of the year, the average temperature hovering around 15°C/50°F with a high of 20°C/68°F. You may also see occasional spells of fog or cloud cover and bouts of windiness.

Summer extends June through August bringing average temperatures up to 23°C/73°F, with occasional daily highs of 35°C/95°F. The later summer months can get really hot and humidity levels can climb up to 70%, lending a sauna like touch to the air. An air-conditioned room is a must if you are planning your visit towards late summer.

September and October, the autumn months, tend slightly towards the winter to come but are gorgeous again. Average temperatures of 18°C/64°F welcome you to enjoy the day outdoors, though you would be wise to check the forecast for occasional showers.

When to visit Barcelona

Barcelona is wonderful year around, but is best visited during the months of May-July and September-early October. The weather is warm and sunny, though not unbearably so, and is perfect for day long sight-seeing tours or trips around the city. Most of the city’s attractions offer additional benefits like longer opening hours or increased frequency of special features, to help you get the most out of your trip.

August is best avoided for the temperatures compounded with the elevated humidity get too much even for the locals. August is vacation time for the whole of the city and most residents leave for cooler climes. Though the typical tourist sites will continue to be functional, the rest of the city loses some of its energy and edge.

If the only time you can arrange a trip to Barcelona is during the winter, go for it. Sure you will have to wear a jacket around town and skip sun-bathing on the beach, but the weather is bound to be better than most other places and you will get to enjoy the bonus of off-season discounts!

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