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The story of Windstar Cruises

The cruise ship line,Windstar Cruises was started in 1984 as Windstar Sail Cruises. This cruise line is known for its high-end facility and has a 4 star out of five star rating. During winter Windstar Cruises sails the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and the Caribbean and during summer the Mediterranean shores. The ship size being comparatively small, interacting with the ship's officers is relatively easy and the service of the cruise line is very personal. Their small size also allows them to visit ports that are restricted to larger cruise liners.

Life onboard of Windstar Cruises

A casual yet elegant dress code is what gives the ships a relaxed atmosphere. Passengers can leave their formal wear and ties at home and travel in casual attire. The ships offer few organized activities like food extravaganzas (poolside BBQ, chocolate buffet, etc.), nightly cocktail hour with the ship's host and hostesses who might drop in a scoop or two on the approaching ports of call. As there are limited scheduled activities you can also opt to do nothing at all, borrow a DVD, book, or game from the library. You are never compelled to participate in any activity if you do not desire to do so.

In the evenings you will have access to informal entertainment with a small dance combo playing in the main lounge. You can play a game of slot or chance at the compact casinos. The crew also puts up a weekly show in which, dressed in their traditional costumes, they present dance and music representing their culture. An occasional movie or two can also be enjoyed in the main lounge. Many passengers prefer socializing either in an outdoor bar or the main lounge. The captain of the ship hosts the welcome and farewell parties.

Although smaller in size than many other luxury cruise liners, yet Windstar Cruises offer big-cruise ship features in a small ship especially related to pricing. New introduction in 2010 was the stateroom grouping spa suites that features natural color scheme and organic bedding. There is also the "Concierge Club" shore tour that offers personal excursions to small groups in addition to the usual ones. If you are interested, you can also book private tours through the cruise staff.

Food: You can expect both traditional entrées and also regional flavors. For the health conscious, low-fat sail lite spa cuisines are available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These are generally prepared under the guidelines of the American Heart Association. Soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, and the stocked mini-bar contents are not included in your cruise fare.

Fitness: Due to the small size of the ships, the exercise and massage facilities are not very large. A wide selection of body wraps, massages, and facial treatments are offered in the spa while the salon offers nail and hair services for women and men.

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