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The island of Zakynthos, Greece

Zakynthos, Greece or the Greece island of Zakynthos, famous for its flowers and Zante currants, is situated on the Ionian islands on the southernmost part. This island also holds proof of the Medieval and Byzantine history. Zakynthos, Greece is also the home of the engendered loggerhead turtle residing in the National Marine Park.

Zakynthos famous bay with shipZakynthos is the southernmost and third largest of the Greek Ionian Islands with a coastline of 123 km. Also known as the Zante Greece, it has a versatile terrain starting with the pine covered mountains in the north, the fertile plains of the southeast, rich and lush central regions, and finally the mountainous west coast with its natural arches, steep cliffs, and several sea caves.

The mild Mediterranean climate where the rainfall abounds leads to the growth of dense vegetation in the island. Fruits like almonds, grapes, olive, and citrus are grown here, but the popular crop is the Zante currants--dried version of seedless and small native grape. Flowers are the other reason why this island is so popular. Stack of flowers fill the warm air with a beautiful fragrance and delights the visitors every time they visit Zakynthos, Greece. This island has been populated by people since the Neolithic times and now more archaeological discoveries are leading to the findings of different Stone Age sites. The island also portrays the influence of many cultures because of its geographic location.

In 34 AD, it is believe that the Zakynthos, Greece was either christened by St. Beatrice or Mary Magdalene. This island is said to have undergone development, destruction, and development again when it was raided by the pirates in Byzantine period, followed by hardships during the Crusades, and being captured and recaptured by many factions. In 1953, an earthquake destroyed many of the old structures and all that survived are now displayed in the Byzantine Museum.

How Zakynthos can keep you busy

You can have a lavish swim with the sea turtles at the wide sandy beaches; go for scuba diving or snorkeling in underwater caves and in between rocks. You can also go for surfing on a sailboat, or on a trekking in the mountain areas. Just soaking up the sun in one of the sunniest islands of the Mediterranean and enjoying the hospitality of the Zakynthian is a treat in itself.

You can also feel the history of the place by visiting the Solomou Square where the Byzantine and post-Byzantine artwork can be seen. The museum of Kalvos and Solomos consist of the skeletons of the renowned poets Andreas Kalvas and Dionysios Solomos in its mausoleum.

The other attractions are the Romas room, Solomos room, Nicholas and Kolyva room containing the significant manuscript of Dionysios Solomos. Folk and archaeological collection, stocked library, large number of photos, and period furniture are also seen. The museum has been functional since 1967 and was rebuilt in 1957.

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